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For the first time ever 6 Martial Arts YouTubers compete against each other in 7 different self-defense challenges to see who is the ultimate self-defense champion.

Get to know the competitors

Icy Mike Solo.jpg


Age: 41

Height: 5.5 / 165 cm

Weight: 150 / 68 kg

Description: Kickboxing Coach, Former Police Officer

Bio: Icy Mike began his martial arts journey when he was 11 years old. His first main martial art was Kuk Sool Won, but later in his life, he felt pushed to test his martial arts skills and became a fighter at the "Street Beefs" league.

Icy Mike has studied self-defense extensively with some of the best experts in the world and also served as a police officer where he gained real-life experience.

He is currently the head coach of "RKM Training" at Myrtle Beach, SC and successfully runs his YouTube channel "Hard 2 Hurt"

Jeff Chan Solo.jpg


Age: 31

Height: 5.8 / 173 cm

Weight: 152 / 69 kg

Description: Professional MMA Fighter

Bio: Jeff Chan began his martial arts journey when he was 15 years old. His first main martial art was Muay Thai, but later on, he progressed to learn all the main martial arts of MMA.

Jeff has had a successful professional fighter's career and the moment he is proud to be able to help thousands of fighters across the globe to hone their skills both through live seminars and camps, and his YouTube Channel "MMA Shredded"

Seth Solo.jpg


Age: 28

Height: 6.0 / 183 cm

Weight:  235 / 107 kg

Description: Karate Black Belt

Bio: Sensei Seth began his martial arts journey when he was only 3 years old, taught by his dad, a Karate black belt.


Later Sensei Seth continued not only to study Karate for his entire life, becoming a black belt himself, but he also constantly cross-trained in various other martial arts such as Muay Thai, Capoeira, Wing Chun, and more.

He currently continues teaching Karate, but his main occupation is running his successful YouTube channel "Sensei Seth"

Rokas Solo.jpg


Age: 33

Height: 6.3 / 192 cm

Weight:  187 / 85 kg

Description: Aikido Black Belt, Amateur Fighter

Bio: Rokas Leonavicius (Leo) began his martial art journey with Aikido when he was 13. He continued to study it for more than a decade and opened his own professional Aikido Dojo that he ran for 7 years.

Eventually, Rokas came to realize that what was promised to him in his Aikido practice was not realistic, since he never really learned to defend himself. This discovery led Rokas to quit Aikido and start learning other martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing.

He has been documenting his journey from Aikido to functional martial arts on YouTube for more than 5 years, and it is now his main profession.

Rokas is also the co-organizer of the Ultimate Self-Defense Championship.

Ramsey Solo.jpg


Age: 44

Height: 6.1 / 185 cm

Weight:  206 / 94 kg

Description: MMA Coach, Former Fighter

Bio: Ramsey Dewey began his martial arts journey when he was 17. His first main martial art was Taekwondo.


Later Ramsey continued to have a professional kickboxing career, which then evolved into him fighting professionally in MMA to support himself financially.

He currently lives in Shanghai China where he coaches MMA and creates intelligent, funny, and thought-provoking martial arts content on YouTube.

Matt Solo.jpg


Age: 27

Height: 5.6 / 168 cm

Weight:  174 / 79 kg

Description: Self-Defense Practitioner

Bio: Matt began his martial arts journey with Karate when he was 14. Later he moved on to practice Muay Thai, but his passion revealed itself when he began practicing self-defense at the Western Combatives self-defense school where the Ultimate Self-Defense Championship takes place.

Following his inspiration, Matt started the Reality Check Self-Defense channel where he tested various martial arts techniques and myths, and began gaining a following, but unfortunately, a year ago Matt stopped both filming content and training regularly.

Currently, Matt is a teacher at a public high school.


Jeff Phillips.png

Description: The Host

Bio: Jeff was born into martial arts with his father being a JKD instructor. In his teens, he ventured into combat sports having a successful career competing in Boxing, Kickboxing Muay Thai, and Grappling & MMA collecting a few titles along the way. After injuring an opponent quite seriously in a bout, the guilt Jeff experienced made him realize he didn’t have the killer instinct required to take it to the next level so he retired shortly thereafter.


He looked into a positive way to use his life’s work and started teaching self defence. He soon realized the arts he drew from were inadequate for the less athletically gifted so sought out other options. He stumbled onto Krav Maga & trained for years eventually becoming an instructor. After teaching that strict curriculum he witnessed many holes in Krav Maga & started to apply ‘dirty MMA’ and other things from his experience, his staff & also from hosting a who’s who of reputable self defence & combatives instructors from around the world.


This enabled him to fill many of the gaps in training & Western Combatives was born in 2008.  This system continues to evolve with a portfolio of creative drills unseen before designed via Jeff’s experience being a Physical Education Teacher, Strength & Conditioning Coach & sports coach with degrees in Sports Science and Education. Jeff's other work involves certifying fitness trainers as well as running a variety of programs in correctional facilities.


Western Combatives seeks to replicate reality as close to the event as possible, without bias,  in creative ways whilst maintaining the safety and well-being of participants. What will be seen in the Ultimate Self-Defense Championship is only the tip of the iceberg.



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Who Do you think
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