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Five of your favourite martial arts YouTubers and two guest stars are coming together to teach a joint seminar.


for questions PLEASE call +61432186355

everything you need to know

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For more information and questions:

  • Where can I watch the series?
    All the episodes will be published on the Martial Arts Journey YouTube channel.
  • How many episodes will there be in total?
    There will be seven episodes in total, featuring different challenges in each one, with the finale being the seventh and last episode announcing the winner and the new ultimate self-defense champion.
  • How will the winner be decided?
    Each challenge will have a unique system of scoring, usually by involving judges or very specific win/lose conditions. At the end of each challenge the points will be added together to see who is winning in the leaderboard. In the final episode, once the last challenge ends, all the points earned throughout all challenges will be added together and the contestant with the highest amount of points will be announced the new ultimate self-defense champion.
  • When can I expect the next episode?
    The first episode will air on April 2nd, at 12 pm UTC on Martial Arts Journey YouTube channel. Then the following episodes will be released weekly at the same weekly time.
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