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Co-star in the show

So, you are considering to go for the Co-Start in the Show tier?

Here's everything you need to know

As the CSIS (co-start in the show) participant, you can join all of us starting from day 2 of the event, when all the main challenges start to be filmed. You can get involved by helping out with the filming as much as you want, or chill and observe the challenges from the side while getting to know all the participants and the team involved in the creation of USDC.

All the challenges and filming will take place from Tuesday to Friday and then on Saturday, you are invited to join the open seminar taught by all the contenders without paying an additional fee.

Some other exciting elements of the CSIS tier include:

  • Take part in one of the challenges as a participant

  • The possibility to be an attacker during the challenges

  • The possibility to be a zombie during the zombie apocalypse

Take note that the CSIS tier includes your invitation to be part of the experience, but it does not include your personal expenses such as accommodation or food.

If you have additional questions or are interested to go for the CSIS tier, but need to know the exact location and date, contact me at info (at)


Rokas Leo

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