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Functional Aikido Seminar

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This is a Functional Aikido seminar taught by Rokas Leo. Rokas Leo has been actively training Aikido for over 15 years, spending 3 of these years as an uchi-deshi (live-in student) and running his own professional Aikido Dojo for 7 years. Eventually, Rokas became disillusioned by the way Aikido is traditionally taught and went on a journey to learn combat sports in order to understand how to make Aikido techniques effective in a real fight. After 5 years of traveling, training, and learning from various experts, Rokas eventually started discovering how to make what he once thought to be useless functional. This digital product is a recording of his latest Functional Aikido seminar taught in Germany. A curriculum and breakdown of practical ways to make traditional Aikido techniques applicable both in striking and grappling sparring and in self-defense. PROGRAM: Lesson 1 - Functional Aikido Grip Fighting Lesson 2 - Functional Kotegaeshi Lesson 3 - Functional Sankyo Lesson 4 - Sankyo back take escape Lesson 5 - Functional Ikkyo Lesson 6 - Functional Irimi Nage Lesson 7 - Introduction to functional Nikyo Bonus Lesson 1 - Basic principles of safe falling Bonus Lesson 2 - Aikido principles of fighting multiple opponents Bonus Video - Q&A with Rokas Leo and Jeff Chan * Purchasing will be available only after signing up on the Martial Arts Journey website.

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