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"USDC" #1 Seminar

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Right after the championship ended, contenders Jeff Chan, Icy Mike, Ramsey Dewey, Sensei Seth, Rokas Leo an co-host Jeff Phillips taught a martial arts seminar that will most likely never be taught again by these same people together. Each contender taught a 45 minute session sharing their expertise from Icy Mike teaching dirty boxing, Sensei Seth teaching spinning kicks to Rokas Leo teaching functional Aikido. The seminas was then followed by an un-released in-depth Q&A between the contenders and the participants discussing their participation in USDC and more. PROGRAM: Jeff Chan - Fighting from the outside in MMA Icy Mike - Dirty boxing Ramsey Dewey - The secrets of stand up grappling Sensei Seth - Spinning kicks Jeff Phillips - Dynamic self-defense Rokas Leo - Functional Aikido BONUS: Never before seen 60 minute Q&A between the contenders and participants of the seminar * Purchasing will be available only after signing up on the Martial Arts Journey website.

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